This ‘Air Drake’ Boeing 767 Flex From Drake Is Astronomical

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[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#bddfcf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]F[/mks_dropcap] orget about Bentleys and Lambos, 2 Chains $2500 Gold Burgers, Drake’s flex with his new Boeing 767 is out of this world.  The HipHop star took us on a short tour of the Jet which is noted to have a seating capacity for 181 to 375 people.  Instagrams ultimate flex gave his 50+ Million followers a look at a Boeing 767 customized with his name ‘Air Drake‘ engine tags and the iconic prayer hands visible on the tail of the jet.

Estimated to cost between $75-$100 million, the jet is also running a tab of $10K to operate each hour in the air. So while Drizzy is worth according to Forbes $140 Million, we have to inquire or infer that Drake’s forecasted income in the next 10 years , near future should be a little over a Billion if the 767 is going to make give its money’s worth. 

The Instagram caption “Nothing was the same for real…??”  as noted below acknowledges to changes coming to Drake’s music business and his investments in business.  I’m actually surprised Drake is not vocal about his investments or in promotions in some type of technology marketing campaign. 

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