Instagram Will Begin Hiding Those Scared ‘Likes’ Soon. Deal With It

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Instagram shares an interest in hiding Likes. But not removed from Instagram ‘Likes’ in an attempt to create some mental health awareness.

Would it be financially viable to do the unthinkable? Regardless of Instagram’s notification, the mobile application is far too embedded as part of the American culture.  The typical hidden likes feature is a partial attempt to create mental awareness.  As the Facebook-owned application rediscovers itself while re-creating the ‘conscious capitalism’ facade public identity.  As Instagram prepares to roll out in an announced move to hide the number of likes on a post, there is some concern to IG users. Moreso those who depend heavily on the public perception for their affluence.

‘Likes’ are visible signs that people are interested in or agree with you/your work.  That number lets everyone from the current public and various industries know that people are following your work.

While Jared Rapoza, founder, and CEO of Artist Influence, believes that everyone is going to have a drop in engagement (Hypebot), I think the opposite. The comment section is still very available so while 30% of your total ‘Likers’ may neglect your Like button, they will become more interactive in turn by utilizing the commentary section to grab your attention. This will force you / the account holder to extend themselves into interacting with their fans more often and longer.  The engagement will continue to exist. I think it will change and increase the way we interact with the majority of our core fanbase.

As for the industry, it’s easy to turn over that data and prove that what you do and say can and often lead to influence. Your influence won’t be minimal but in IG’s effort to somewhat curve your ego.  The account holder will become more extroverted than expected.

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